Title: Trhauma

Release date: 1980 (itlay)

Tagline: ???

Trhauma (1980) is an Italian Giallo / Slasher film that boasts a disfigured, wacko villain that slays a group of friends one after another in horrendous ways with a machete.


8 April 2010 | by HumanoidOfFlesh (Chyby, Poland) – See all my reviews

A group of people spend a weekend at a friend's house.One of the females is killed by a disfigured maniac using a machete.Then he rapes her corpse post-mortem.The other guests becomes worried about the absence of first victim.Soon they are all stalked and murdered by crazed killer.Very entertaining and pretty sleazy Italian giallo/slasher directed by Gianni Martucci,the man behind deadly dull "The Red Monks"."Trhauma" is a very beautiful giallo/slasher obviously inspired by "Halloween".The location used is serene and eerie and when you add some lovely and often fully naked ladies into the mix you have a giallo that was probably a lot of fun to make.Director Gianni Martucci manages to keep things interesting with only his small cast to rely on and fills the plot with gruesome murders.8 out of 10.


  • 4.8/10 on imdb
  • Has a plethora of nubile nudity throughout the film, as well as some sexual perversion.




Gianni Martucci (as John Martucc)


Alessandro Capone (screenplay), Gianni Martucci (story), 1 more credit »====Stars:==== Gaetano Russo, Domitilla Cavazza, Roberto Posse