Title: Silent Scream

Tagline: "Terror So Sudden There Is No Time To Scream."

Release Date: January 30th, 1980

Silent Scream is a 1980 horror film written by Jim and Ken Wheat, and Wallace E. Bennett, directed by Denny Harris[2] and starring Rebecca Balding, Cameron Mitchell, Barbara Steele and Yvonne De Carlo.[3] The film's tagline is "Terror so sudden there is no time to scream".


Four college students, unable to find on-campus housing, take up residence in Mrs Engels's (De Carlo) hilltop mansion, where she lives with her strange son, Mason (Reardon), and her daughter, Victoria (Steele), whom Mrs Engels secretly keeps hidden in the attic, a botched lobotomy having left her mute and homicidal. After one of the students is found dead, a police investigation is launched, which uncovers the history of the mansion and its owners, as the remaining students become endangered.



  • Barbara Steele – Victoria Engels - a  convalescent that suffers through mentally disturbed episodes as a result of a labotomy. Her family keeps her locked up as a freak in the attic.



Directed by Denny Harris
Written by Jim Wheat

Ken Wheat Wallace E. Bennett Denny Harris

Release date(s) 1980
Running time 87 minutes
Country USA
Language English
Box office $7.9 million (rentals)[1]
  • Rebecca Balding – Scotty Parker
  • Cameron Mitchell – Lt. Sandy McGiver
  • Avery Schreiber – Sgt. Manny Ruggin
  • Barbara Steele – Victoria Engels
  • Steve Doubet – Jack Towne
  • Brad Rearden – Mason Engels
  • John Widelock – Peter Ransom
  • Juli Andelman – Doris Prichart
  • Yvonne De Carlo – Mrs. Engels
  • Jack Stryker – Police Chief
  • Thelma Pelish – Housing Lady
  • Tina Tyler – Victoria at 16
  • Jason Zahler – Mason at 3
  • Annabella Price – TV Rape Victim
  • Joe Pronto – TV Rapist
  • Joan Lemmo – Rooming House Lady
  • Ernie Potvin – Boarding House Husband
  • Virginia Rose – Boarding House Wife
  • Ina Gould – Landlady
  • Rachel Bard – Nurse in Psycho Ward