Scream (1981) (Trailer)

Scream (1981) (Trailer)

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Scream (1981) Poster / Cover Art

Movie Title: Scream

Release Date: January 1st, 1981

Genre: Slasher-Mystery-Suspense

Tagline: 'What ever you do, Dont Scream.'


A group of people get stranded at a ghost town for days. A killer stalks and kills members of them by using a Rope, Cleaver, Axe, and Scythe.


The killer is never seen. It was never fully explained who was behind the murders. It's possible it was a super natural force in relation to the black cowboy, or his trinket figures could have been involved.

Credited Kills.

       1) Middle aged male hung
2) Middle aged male killed (method unknown)
3) Elderly male killed with hatchet
4) Male teen thrown through door
5) Male teen killed (method unknown)
6) Male decapitated with axe
7) Middle aged male killed with scythe

Known for...Edit

The less then famous "Scream"....The poster shows a Sickle, but the killer uses a Scythe in the film...The cast seems to be a bunch of friends/ family of the director....Ghost town setting... Riding Dirt Bikes in a western setting...Confusing ending, motives and killer never thoroughly explained...Bad acting...each death scene done with different weapon.... Notoriously one of the most boring, Tedious and forgetable Slasher Flicks of the early '80s.


"First of all, this movie should only be seen by die hard slasher fans. And I mean, those who can stand almost 90 minutes of mediocrity, terrible cinematography, boring plot, and stupid characters. Yes, there is a "mysterious" killer but that isn't enough.

The plot deals with a bunch of teen rafters that get lost in a Ghost Town. You don't need to know more because before we can understand what's going on; the characters start to get killed one by one in off-screen scenes! So don't expect a serious slasher flick. The locations weren't that bad, and actually, looked creepy at some points but the horrible cinematography ruins it all.

I found a VHS copy of this crap some time ago and I can only say that it serves for historic purposes only. Otherwise, I don't see the point of watching it." - Insomniac_Rod on IMDB in 2007