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Release Date: 1984

Setting: Ski Lodge, Winter, Cabins

Satan's Blade (1984) is an obscure slasher film. The film was given only a limited VHS release and never an official DVD release (VHS has sold for over $200 online).


At a snowy mountain resort, guests fall fatally by the devil's blade curse. A dagger forged by evil that controls those who possess it to commit its barbaric deeds.


IMDb member since August 2006Not sure how the budget got that high. Once upon a time I was part of the movie from beginning until he began to misuse the budget money for appearances versus the film (an office, new carpet, etc).
The original money came from a fellow I think was named Pat. The man's mother had died and willed him a goodly chunk of money and I don't know how he got talked into making this film but the money was soon gone. It was in the $100,000 to $200,000 area. How it got up to $1,000,000 and why is a good question.
All of us were promised a percentage of the film and none of us (that I know of) received anything except, perhaps Scott. Tom Cue was not the only writer on the staff and I was supposed to have a writing credit and assistant credit but I walked off the staff because I didn't like how the budget was being spent so I'm not shown as having had a part of it at all . . .
I saw Scott around 1998. He got a hold of me and wanted me to be an actress in some weird stuff he's producing now and I didn't want a part of it so I haven't heard from him since.                                        - (from imdb message boards)


Satan's Blade 1984 - Review - Obscure 80's Slasher

Satan's Blade 1984 - Review - Obscure 80's Slasher

JBM's review from october 2013



L. Scott Castillo Jr.


L. Scott Castillo Jr. (original story), Thomas Cue (screenplay)====Stars:==== Tom Bongiorno, Stephanie Leigh Steel, Thomas Cue