Title: Offerings

Release Date: 1989

Tagline: "Remember him before he dismembers you!"

Offerings is a 1989 Independent Slasher Film, reportedly shot in Oklahoma. Conspicuously Inspired  by Halloween, It's known as one of the most derivative Slasher films to be produced from the era. Including a nearly identical sounding themed track, an escaped asylum patient, a homecoming massacre, and a similar ending.


John Radley's childhood was not a particular nice one; dad gone, mom abusive, bullied by neighborhood kids and his pets had a tendency to die on him. Only his first crush Gretchen ever treated him with kindness. But this all ended when he was goaded into performing a balancing act, whereupon a malicious prank backfired and Johnny ended up plunging down a dried up well to greet a rock floor. Since then he has been in Oakhurst State mental hospital for over a decade. Left semi-comatose, with only his now distorted memories and nightmarish flashbacks for comfort. One night the continual flood of harsh images is too much for his psyche, and he comes to finding himself badly disfigured and severely brain damaged (so much so that he can no longer feel any pain), who will ever care for (let alone love) Johnny now? No one, he (in what's left of his damaged mind) knows, which is why he suffers a complete psychotic break, and after venting his fury on a nurse, turns his rage towards those who left him this way. Bursting out of his temporary accommodation he storms off into the night, dead set on disposing of his old childhood tormentors, whose body parts he intends to offer up to the only person in his life who ever gave a damn about him - a certain girl called Gretchen! - from wiki


  • Villain: Richard A. Buswell as John Radley - a deformed psychopath that seeks out those that bullied him as a kid.
  • The Villain collects the body parts of his victims and leaves them (as a gift) at his childhood friend's house.
  • Death scenes are mostly cutaway shots.



Directed by Christopher Reynolds
Produced by Christopher Reynolds
Written by Christopher Reynolds
Starring Jay Michael Ferguson,
Richard A. Buswell,
Tobe Sexton,
G. Michael Smith
Music by Russell D. Allen
Cinematography Reb Braddock
Edited by Christopher Reynolds
Distributed by Arista Films/Southgate Entertainment/Moonstone Pictures
Release date(s) 1989
Running time 95 min
Country USA
Language English