Title: Hanging Heart Realease Date: 1983 Tagline: “When the curtain goes up the name of the play is ... death!”

Hanging Heart (1983) is an extremely obscure American Slasher Film. Due to its homoerotic content, it never found distribution in the United States.


Denny is a struggling actor whose girlfriend's dead body is found in the theater where they have been preparing for their new production. Being one of many suspects, Denny must track down the killer as others around him are found dead one by one. Can he unmask the killer before his own life is turned upside down?


  • Although slasher-esque elements are featured, no one in the film is killed by a sharp object.
  • 5 death scenes occur
  • JA Kerswell described the film as "A curious mashup of the homoerotic and homophobic, it is a film so odd and disjointed that it frequently verges on migraine inducing incoherence."



"Hanging Heart" is an odd little slasher flick which to my knowledge was never released in US on VHS.Denny is an aspiring theatre actor.The girls he knows romantically are being murdered one by one by a hooded killer.Of course Denny becomes the main suspect and is arrested and thrown in jail.His homosexual lawyer tries to help Denny because he loves him.Who is the killer?"Hanging Heart" by Jimmy Lee was actually released in Poland on VHS.The plot is very disjointed and there are only three killings in "Hanging Heart" including two stocking stranglings and one shooting execution style.The copious amount of homoerotic imagery is quite surprising as is rather negative and obnoxious portrayal of gay men.The film is also quite dull and too long.Still if you like obscure slasher flicks you can watch in on Youtube.6 stockings out of 10.

6 December 2014 | by HumanoidOfFlesh (Chyby, Poland)


directed & written by: Jimmy Lee

starring: Barry Wyatt, Jake Henry, Francine Lapensée, John Stevens, Valerie Swift, Dan Zukovic, Debra Robinson, Roger Rodd, Elliot Goldwag, Michael J. White