Title: Bits and Pieces

Release Date: 1985

Tagline: ???

Bits and Pieces (1985) is a low-budget Slasher film.


A psychopath with a mother fixation terrorizes a city, picking out young beautiful women as his victims.


  • Holds a 4.8/10 rating on imdb (summer 2014)
  • features male strippers in the film ... Wow!




Unsophicticated and unpraiseworthy psycho-slasher romp serves up the usual gore murders, nudity, and unintentional chuckles in a featureless and automatonic fashion. The dead-in-the-water story concerns yet another mother-fixated nut case who sweats a lot and kills random females. So, what else is new? Nothing here, that's for damn sure.

Highlights(?) include the forced feminization of a little boy(in one VERY laughable flashback sequence), some acceptably graphic girl slaughtering, and the scrawniest male stripper ever allowed to dance on a stage. All things considered, this is an entirely unnecessary jaunt, but if slashers are your bag then I suspect you've probably seen worse.

3.5/ to "Killer Workout" for quality. 'Nuff said?

- Author: EyeAskance from fabulous Las Vega$! (from imdb in 2004)

Credits & CastEdit

Bits and Pieces
Directed by Leland Thomas
Written by Michael Koby
Leland Thomas
Starring S.E. Zygmont
Suzanna Smith
Release date(s) *1985
Running time 85 minutes
Country United States
Language English