Anne thomerson 2

Anne Thomerson (Unmasked as the secret killer for the ending.)

Character: Ann Thomerson

Villain:  Happy Birthday To Me 1981

Sex: female

Age: Teen (17 or 18)

Actor portrayal: Tracey E. Bregman

This devious hidden villain is one of the most brutally creative killers of the decade. An elaborate murderer, Ann Thomerson carried out a calculating scheme of revenge in shrewd manipulation on her high school friends.


Happy Birthday To Me (1981)

Motives:  Ann's mother left the family after hearing of her husband Mr. Thomerson's affair with Mrs. Wainwright. The affair  resulted in the birth of Ginny Wainwright. Ann blames Ginny and Mrs. Wainwright for the turmoil in her family. she cant stand their existence or the Wainwright womens' promiscuity with men. Ginny was ignorant to the affair growing up.

Eventually, Ann builds a relationship with Ginny to gain her trust. She inevitably plots an elaborate scheme, lasting the span of a week, resulting in the doom of most her and Ginny's friends from the crawford 10.  in an attempt to frame her delirious half-sister/ best friend Ginny on her 18th birthday.

Death CountEdit

7 credited kills. (according to

Victim Cause Weapon
1. Female Throat slit Razor
2. Male Scarf caught in wheel Motorcycle
3. Male crushed by weight bench bench press
4. Male stabbed in gut Garden sheers
5. Male stabbed through mouth. Shish- kebab
6. Male battered w/ fire poker Fire Poker
7. Male throat slit Butcher Knife


Blue collared Shirt, White Dress, Ginny look-a-like mask,scarf, wrist watch.


Extremely creative in the macabre and a vengeful psychopath. So cold blooded that she killed most of her friends just to frame and get revenge on Ginny. In public, she is cordial and caring, but this is all superficial. A few occurences have her threatening friends in an exaggerated sensation, but ends up following through on the threat.


1. 'C'mon its time to get up, i wanna hear all the gorey details about you and steve last night."

2. "Surprised? I hope...I planned it so you'd never suspect a thing."


In the final moments of Happy Birthday To Me 1981, Ann Thomerson was stabbed in the stomach by Ginny with a silver cake knife. It was the same knife that was used to cut Ginny's birthday cake moments before. Ann appears to be lifeless before her body hits the floor.

Soon after, an investigator walks into the room to see Ginny holding the murder weapon and standing at the table surrounded by the dead bodies arranged in seats as guests for the birthday party. Ginny appears to be having another mental blackout at this moment, as she starts singing Happy Birthday to herself as the film fades to credits. Its presumed that with all involved are now dead (including Ginny's Doctor) and that Ann succeded in framing Ginny for the murders.

Anne thomerson 1

Anne's last gasp of breathe after being stabbed in the ending.

T 9022

a cake knife, similar to the one used in the movie.