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A Blade in The Dark is a 1983 Italian Giallo / Stalk-in-Slash Film. Directed by Lamberto Bava, The Son of Horror virtuoso Mario Bava (who's credited as a pioneer in the Giallo & Slasher Genres.


"Bruno, a composer, becomes involved in a series of murders of tenants who live in a villa. In a horror film Bruno is scoring a young child, taunted by cruel bullies, descends into a dark cellar after a bouncing tennis ball. The kids hear a scream and the ball bounces up to them, leaving bloody tracks on the wall. Sandra, Bruno's director, explains that her inspiration was the childhood of Linda, the villa's previous tenant." - from wiki


  • Set in Tuscany, Italy
  • Music Themes: main character is a composer for Horror films.


"Okay, Lamberto Bava isn't anywhere near as talented as his father Mario. Let's just accept that and move on. 'A Blade In The Dark' is a surprisingly entertaining giallo that is equal parts Argento and Hitchcock, though obviously not as accomplished as either at their best. If I specify which Hitchcock it is heavily inspired by it'll give the whole game away, so I won't, but I'm sure most viewers will have guessed the twist long before it is revealed. It doesn't really matter, it won't detract from your enjoyment. Andrea Occhipinti from Fulci's 'The New York Ripper' plays Bruno, a young composer who rents a villa while working on a horror movie score. Pretty soon assorted lovelies start disappearing and he fears the worst. He also begins to think the movie he's working on holds the key to the mysterious events around him. The version I watched of this movie was very badly dubbed but it was still effective and stylishly directed, with some gruesome touches. Occhipinti was more than adequate as a hero, there were plenty of babes, and Eurohorror buffs will get a kick out of seeing the kid from Fulci's 'The House By The Cemetery' in a bit part and Michele Soavi (Argento pal and director of cult favourite 'Dellamorte Dellamore') in a supporting role. While I don't think 'A Blade In The Dark' is quite as good as Bava's first 'Demons' movie I enjoyed it a LOT more than I expected, so if you like Argento and Fulci, check it out." - by : Infofreak from Perth, Australia 27 November 2003


Directed by Lamberto Bava
Produced by Lamberto Bava
Mino Loy (uncredited)

Luciano Martino (uncredited)

Written by Elisa Briganti
Dardano Sacchetti
Starring Andrea Occhipinti

Anny Papa
Fabiola Toledo
Michele Soavi
Valeria Cavalli

Music by Guido De Angelis
Maurizio De Angelis
Cinematography Gianlorenzo Battaglia
Editing by Lamberto Bava
Studio National Cinematografica
Nuova Dania Cinematografica
Release dates 6 August 1983
Running time 110 minutes
Country Italy
Language English